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Erc Dubrovnik 2018 cover photo for the event

Benefits of Exhibition & Sponsorship

By identifying the sponsorship & exhibition opportunities that suit your business development objectives, you can enjoy an array of benefits that will amplify your return on investment and ensure your participation is successful.

  • Raise your profile and strengthen your brand awareness
  • Position your brand as a market leader
  • Gain maximum return on investment with exclusive access to a targeted audience
  • Generate business development leads

Why Participate?

  • Stay abreast of best practices and new technologies in key mobility disciplines.
  • Join key stakeholders from the region as they present upcoming highway and transportation infrastructure programs.
  • Benefit from access to road agency heads and local government leaders responsible for significant infrastructure investment projects.
  • Enjoy the unique appeal of a historic city through a varied program of cultural and technical visits

Target Audience

  • Local politicians – Political Leaders with Transport Portfolios

  • Highway Agency Staff

  • Design Consultants & Engineers

  • Construction Contractors, Engineers & Managers

  • Materials Laboratory Engineers

  • Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors

  • Transport Research Institutes

  • University Researchers and Professors

  • Engineering Services Professionals

  • Traffic Technology and ITS Consultants


  1. Transport Corridors & their Socio-Economic Impacts
  2. Funding Transport Infrastructure
  3. Transport Asset Management & Investment Programs
  1. Advances in Pavements & Materials
  2. Sustainable & Resilient Road Infrastructure
  3. Innovations in Roads, Bridges & Tunnel Design
  1. Safety Policies & Programs
  2. Road Injury Risk Diagnosis Tools
  3. Road Traffic Control, Signing & Markings
  4. Advances in Passive Safety



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Join over 500 visitors of the largest European road conference!

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